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TR8x8 ACME Brass Nut

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نت براص يستعمل مع شفت قطر 8 ملم ACME TR8x8.

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ACME P2 Brass Nut​​

This brass alloy travelling nut (also known as a carriage nut) features a mounting flange with four holes for M3 screws. It is intended for use with Tr8×8 leadscrews, which are 8mm-diameter rods with four independent trapezoidal threads spaced 2mm apart. One full revolution of such a rod will result in a 8.0mm linear displacement of the travelling nut.


100% brand new and high quality

Material: Brass

Size: TR8x8

Colour: Golden

Height: 15mm

Small Diameter: 10mm

Large Diameter: 22mm

Mounting Holes: 3.5mm

Thread: 8mm

Lead: 8mm

Pitch: 2mm


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